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  Meeting   We meet on the first Thursday of each month, with a different person leading each time.

Thursday 4th July

Mike has done the walk today as there were enough positive responses to make it worthwhile.  Obviously you can still join the walk now it is going ahead even if you didn't say so before.  Details below.  Don't forget NT membership cards. Entry is charged per person, not per car.

"Hardly any muddy or wet bits.  Plenty of shallowish inclines/declines (estimate 15 to 25 degrees).  Apart from the ladder stile into Lantern Wood which is an optional part of the route there was, I think, only 1 other stile.  Most of what would have been stiles have been converted to kissing gates.

Meet in front of the wooden kiosk in Lyme Park Car Park at 10.00 a.m.  The walk is probably about 4 miles, more with the option.  Don't hold me to it.

The first bit of the walk is up to the 'Cage', I'm sure everybody has done this before.  However on the way down the other side, part way down, we take a grass path (rather than track) towards the former water treatment works (rather than going towards the Lyme Park Entrance Hut).  We cross Bollinhurst Brook and go towards 2 gates at the bottom of Red/Green Lanes.  Immediately as we go through the gates we turn right towards the Treatment Works and follow a path that is adjacent to Horse Coppice & Bollinhurst Reservoirs.  There are occasional close up glimpses of these reservoirs through the trees and of course the 'Cage'.  We eventually meet the old road towards the Lyme Park East Gate.  The deer were in their sanctuary in the distance on the right.  If the walk needs extending, (time wise, not exhausted enough) there is the option to go up towards Caters Slack and Lantern Wood, otherwise we continue along the road back towards the Lyme House

Lunch could be in the Timber Yard Cafe or in the Ale Cellar up in the house or in a local pub.

Walking poles may be useful at times"

Enjoy the walk and hopefully I can rejoin you in August,


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