Organisers: Peter Bennett, Hilary Tivey and John Jurics
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  Meeting   Meets on the 1st Friday each month plus photo outings on various other days.

Our next meeting will be at 2.00 pm on Friday March 2nd in the Green Room at Poynton Community Centre.
Topic for discussion will be - "Dealing with some of the practicalities of editing photos". DONíT FORGET TO BRING YOUR CAMERA ALONG.
Our task for the month has been to analyse some of the photos in the "Masters of Print" document in terms of shape, tone and pattern.
We will also be having a short presentation on India.

Examples of Photography Group pictures are available in the Photo Gallery and below. More recent examples are present in a DropBox.
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Photography Group News

The programme for the first half of 2018 is available here.

Here is an example of a photoessay about photographing a single tree throughout the year.  It may give you some ideas and inspiration for your own projects - Hilary and Peter.

Bluebell Walk
May 2015
Poynton Pool Photo Walk
October 2014
Stockport Photo Walk
September 2014
Night Photos, Poynton
February 2014
October 2013
Gauntlet, Birds of Prey Centre, Knutsford
July 2013
Shallow depth of field
May 2013