Geology Group*
Organiser: Peter Bennett
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  Meeting   The group meets on 4th Thursday of the month.
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Our next meeting will be at 10.00 am in the Council Chamber at the Civic Centre on 27th February.  We'll be looking at the topic of geology and climate.

Hope to see you there.


Please see below the latest programme of events.

Date Subject Location
Thursday January 24th The Evolution of Multicellular Life Origins of Mt Etna Indoor Meeting
Thursday 28th February Geology of the North Pennines Green Room at the Civic Centre
Thursday 28th March Biddulph Grange Geology Gallery Field Trip
Thursday 25th April Poise Brook and the Red Rock Fault Field Trip
Tuesday 21st to Friday 24th May Teesdale Extended Field Trip
Thursday 27th June Mam Torr and Treak Cavern Field Trip
Thursday 25th July Lud's Church? Field Trip
Thursday 22nd August Clitheroe - A short geotrail to see the geology of Waulsortian Mudmounds and visit Clitheroe Castle. Field trip
Thursday 26th September Manifold Valley Field Trip
Friday 18th to Sunday 20th October Geological Association annual conference, lectures and trips Manchester
Thursday 24th October Lud's Church Field trip
Thursday 28th November Review of the year and topical issues Indoor meeting

* This group is currently open to members of U3As in the North East Cheshire Network.