French Conversation Group
Organisers: Keith and Sandra Batchelor
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  Meeting   The group normally meets monthly on a Friday afternoon, date by arrangement.

Bonjour tout le monde,

I was very encouraged that 9 of us turned up for this morning's meeting.  We spent about an hour sharing our news, particularly of holidays and breaks, since the last meeting.  I occupied a lengthy period rattling on about my cycling trip in the USA with particular reference to the various mishaps that befell us.  I then woke everybody up and we completed the news roundup before reading and translating the article that I had circulated.  Then we ran out of time so we have agreed to carry over the discussion about the changes in methods of communication during our lifetimes until the next meeting which will be at 2:00 pm on Friday 29th July, chez moi, comme d'habitude.  Details will follow with a reminder closer to the date.

A bientot,


If anyone is interested, please make contact.  More details are available via the email link below.
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